We are India’s only non-profit news platform driven by journalism students.

Newshound India Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in November 2019, is India's first and only non-profit news organisation facilitating student journalists through round-the-year paid, remote internships for student journalists, producers and content creators alike. Our team comprises people who have, in the past, been associated closely with organisations like The Hindu, NDTV, NewsX, Republic TV, Times Now, News9, Deccan Herald and Christ University.
For decades now, student journalists have been exposed only to superficial and meaningless internships in mainstream media houses, and have been compared to "citizen journalists". We want this to change. We want to give student journalists the voices and words that are rightfully theirs. We want to introduce them to real journalism and to the concept of writing and following up on stories that make a difference to them, and not to someone pandering to a lobbyist or a government goon in a mainstream media house.

Our Founder

Having learnt from and worked with leading mainstream print and broadcast spaces including The Hindu, NDTV, NewsX, Republic TV and Times Now, 28-year-old Arjun Samar Mahendran has successfully traversed multiple departments and mustered significant editorial, production and creative insight.
Being given the elusive opportunity to be in the thick of things at a young age, Arjun has realised that the future of journalism may be in the doldrums. He has, much like his peers, witnessed first-hand the compartmentalisation of talent in print and media. He has been fortunate enough to gather experience and expertise in fields that most journalists never get to encounter - not because they are less worthy than their successful counterparts, but because this is what media and journalism seem to have been reduced to.

Our Partners