Biden and Johnson Mull Over Afghan Situation, Announce a G7 Meet Next Week

By: Aashruti Vohra
18 Aug 2021 9:31:20 PM CSMC, Chitkara University, Punjab

The White House stated on Tuesday that US President Joe Biden had a conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the situation in Afghanistan and that they have agreed to hold a virtual meeting of the G7 leaders next week to discuss common strategies and methods. 


This news comes just hours after Canada - another G7 member - officially refused to accept the Taliban as a legitimate government. Premier Justin Trudeau has also said his government is committed to bringing “in the coming weeks” thousands of Afghans to Canada. 


Meanwhile, the British government has temporarily suspended the need for passports for Afghans fleeing home for the UK.


The White House statement said that the two leaders “discussed the need for close and ongoing coordination between allies and democratic partners on Afghanistan's politics, including how the international community can provide more humanitarian assistance and support to refugees and other Afghans vulnerable.”


The British statement on the same elaborated that the duo had discussed “the importance of not losing the achievements in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, protecting ourselves from any new threat of terrorism and continuing to support the Afghan people.”


Biden’s decision to stick to the withdrawal agreement reached by his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, has drawn widespread criticism in the country and among United States allies.


After the Afghan army all but crumbled over just a few days, foreign forces are evaluating how to respond to the changes that occurred on the ground, and they are eager to withdraw. Many people have predicted that women's rights may be quickly lost.


The USA and its Western allies resumed evacuating diplomats and civilians on Tuesday, the second day of chaos at the Kabul airport when Afghans entered the tarmac.


When they were eager to evacuate, foreign forces were evaluating how to deal with changes in the local situation after the Afghan army disappeared in just a few days. Many people predicted that women's rights could quickly collapse. 


At the first official press conference in Kabul, the Taliban pledged to respect women's rights, seek good relations with other countries, and not retaliate against former Afghan soldiers. After the US-backed Afghan government collapsed and President Ghani fled the country, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, ending the two decade campaign by the United States and its allies to transform this ravaged country by war.

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