Karnataka: Six of Seven Accused in Mysuru Rape Case Arrested, Cops Trailing the Last

By: Annanya Rana
07 Sep 2021 9:24:17 PM CSMC, Chitkara University, Punjab

Karnataka police nabbed the sixth of the seven absconding accused in Mysuru gang-rape case in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, on Tuesday, NewsMinute reported. A chase in on to trace the seventh accused in the gang, which had raped the woman and assaulted her boyfriend at Mysuru’s Chamundi foothills on August 24.


All the other six perpetrators, including a juvenile, have been arrested by a 20-member special task force of the state police in Tiruppur and neighbouring Erode districts. 


According to the Times of India, the survivor has returned to her native and has not yet given her statement to the police. While IANS dispatched that the police are in no hurry to record the statement considering the survivor’s state. 


The police began investigating based on the statement of the complainant, the survivor’s boyfriend, who had said that the accused spoke in Tamil. They also used the bus tickets and liquor bottles near the crime scene, as well as the mobile phone data to trace the accused. He identified one of the accused from photographs.


According to TNM, the police have also conducted a ‘spot mahajar’ — investigating the crime scene and working out a sequence of events along with the accused. They have also seized the clothes of the accused persons, which they wore on the day of the crime.


One of the accused has revealed to the police that when they attacked the victim and her boyfriend, they had blackmailed them to arrange Rs 3 lakh. When the man called his house, it became clear that the money was not coming, and the accused raped the woman, sources told IANS.


The gruesome incident took place when the survivor and her boyfriend had visited the foothills of the Chamundi hill. The accused observed the victims frequenting the spot and planned the attack.


The incident made national headlines and many staged protests across the state, which put pressure on the Karnataka police department. 


Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has criticised the government and pressed for her statement to be recorded, stating the legal provision to get her statement. Although section 164 of the Code Of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) deals with recording confessions and statements, it also mentions that giving statement/confession should be voluntary. 


Meanwhile, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra, who raked up a controversy after blaming the survivor, was forced to apologise after facing stern opposition from CM Basavaraj Bommai. Jnanendra had said that "She shouldn't have gone there, it was her mistake.”