Mumbai: Senior Citizen Duped of Rs 3 Lakh by KYC Fraudster

By: Bhrigu Chopra
27 Oct 2021 10:31:23 PM CSMC, Chitkara University, Punjab

A 64-year-old man was duped of Rs 3 lakh when he fell prey to an online KYC fraud in Mumbai’s Dombivli on Saturday, PTI reported.


According to the report, the victim, a former bank manager, got an SMS purported to be sent by his mobile network service provider. The message was that his SIM card was being blocked because his Know Your Customer (KYC) details were not updated. He then called on the given number after receiving the message. 


The fraudster, impersonating a mobile network service company executive, instructed the victim to remove his SIM card from his iPhone and insert it into an Android phone. In addition, the victim was also made to download a quick support app that enables third-party remote access to view the mobile screen.


After installing the app, the fraudster told the victim to enter his bank details and pay Rs 10 as processing fees via net banking. The fraudster then used a screen recording device to capture the bank details and the OTP. 


The fraudster then used the details to withdraw Rs 3 lakh from the victim’s account in multiple transactions. Upon realising the fraud through withdrawal alerts from the bank, the victim quickly contacted his bank’s customer care service and blocked his account.


Later, the former bank manager registered an FIR with the Dombivli police.


The police told MumbaiLive that an investigation into the matter had been initiated. 


According to a National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, a total of 2,453 cases of cyber offences were registered in India’s finance capital between 2020-21 as against 2,225 last year. On the other hand, the Maharashtra state cybercrime cell has filed 58,000-plus complaints of online banking fraud in the past year. Of these, around 14,000 complaints were registered in Mumbai alone.

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