Madhya Pradesh: Muslim Man Travelling with Hindu Woman Dragged off Train and Assaulted by Bajrang Dal Workers

By: Riya Jha
20 Jan 2022 10:17:40 PM Shoolini University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh

A Muslim man travelling together a Hindu woman in an Ajmer bound train was roughed up and forcibly dragged out of the compartment by Bajrang Dal workers and taken to the Railway Police Station in Ujjain, The Indian Express dispatched on Wednesday. 


According to the police, the incident occurred on January 14, but two videos surfaced on social media just this Tuesday. In one of the videos, a man later identified as Bajrang Dal worker Pintu Kaushal and two others who claim to be members of the same organisation dragged a man out of a train and thrashed him at the Ujjain railway station. 


Video Link: https://twitter.com/AshrafFem/status/1483308207116533760


The woman was seen following them. In another video recorded inside the police station, she was seen screaming at Kaushal, “Your one misunderstanding can spoil my life. I am an adult and work as a teacher in a school. I teach children!”


The goons had allegedly attempted to lodge a “Love Jihad” case when they brought their victim over to the police station. The man was identified as Asif Shaikh, owner of a small electronics shop, and his companion is a private school teacher.


At the Government Railway Police station, the tables were turned on Kaushal and his two goons when they found themselves questioned by the cops and detained till their parents or guardians arrived. They were let off after recording their statements. No one was arrested as the victims did not wish to file a case.


However, GRP Ujjain superintendent of police Nivedita Gupta said, “The man and woman were family friends and the woman’s mother has confirmed the same. We allowed them to go.” 


Meanwhile, Kundan Chandrawat of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (a Bajrang Dal allied group) said they got informed by reliable sources that a Hindu woman was being misled by a Muslim man and taken along with him. “It is for the protection of our Hindu sisters that our workers intervened. That is when the man got aggressive. They just took him to the nearest police station,” he was quoted.


“Love jihad” is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory developed by proponents of the Hindutva ideology. The conspiracy theory purports that Muslim men target Hindu women for conversion to Islam.


In January last year, the BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh Assembly cleared an anti-conversion ordinance modelled on a legislation in Uttar Pradesh to check what it calls “love jihad”. The state police have registered 84 cases against 188 people, with 200 arrests recorded in the year since.

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