Training them young: An output-based platform for Mass Communication students

By: Ashiv Bishnoi
26 Jul 2022 2:18:06 PM Shoolini University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Students study, they work hard, but are they learning?


While most journalism schools in India focus on academic excellence, vocational education and field training is missing in most colleges and universities. The rapidly changing dynamics and trends of different industries and professional sectors demand different and new skill sets from the students, be it science, commerce, business, or media. 


However, are the students equipped enough to be able to take on the media industry?


The media industry is now seeing a rise in digital journalism. Communication advancements and digitalisation have revolutionised the media industry, which requires journalists to operate in a world where the news moves faster. As a result, journalists are not only competing with each other but with a sea of online content creators and social media influencers.  


Modern journalists have stepped ahead of the traditional pen and paper. Smartphones, computers, digital cameras and recorders, the internet, and social media, are the new play toys. Unfortunately, a lack of vocational education and training creates a gap between students and practical knowledge. However, actively working towards bridging this gap is Newshound India Foundation.


Newshound India Foundation is India’s only non-profit student media platform dedicated to training mass communication students or aspiring media personnel. Founded by Arjun Samar Mahendran in November 2019, the organisation provides daily mentorship and upskilling, internships, industry networking and paid freelance opportunities to students while they still pursue their studies without any strict time restraints. As a result, students are not only exposed to learning new skills but also to industry experts.


Why Newshound?


The Foundation offers training and mentorship tailored to the students' needs. In addition, students get due credit for their contributions. It’s an excellent avenue for aspiring journalists to earn while learning. Students are doing paid internships or part-time jobs with the Foundation and other external organisations in their chosen areas. 


Newshound India Foundation maintains a familiar environment for everyone. Akshay, a student from Jain University, Bangalore,  was one of the first to join Newshound. Before completing his training, he was in a bubble assuming the outside world would be easy to capture. He then realised the bitter reality of the professional world. However, after completing his training, he landed a PR and media executive job as soon as he graduated. 


Bhavna, a student of BJMC 1st year from Shoolini University, Solan, and an aspiring PR professional, said, “I started working with Newshound and learned many things which I would have never learned in my degree. I am even being paid 4,000 rupees per month by an external organisation that noticed my work with the Foundation, which I believe is amazing for any first-year student. And the best part is that the role is remote! My classmate Nihit, among others, has joined Newshound and is also being paid.”


Akshay, Bhavna and Nihit are among hundreds of students who have successfully utilised Newshound’s output-based model and are already learning from and networking with industry professionals. 

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