2018 Abetment to Suicide Case: Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami Arrested by Mumbai Police

By: Sashwata Saha
04 Nov 2020 9:52:45 AM Journalist, Newshound India Desk

An hour ago, the Mumbai Police CID arrested Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami at his house in connection with the deaths of architect Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik in Alibaug in 2018.


A senior police official has confirmed to The Hindustan Times that Goswami will now be taken to Alibaug. This arrest comes at the heels of a Mumbai Police investigation into Goswami’s alleged role in the recent TRP scam.


While the Mumbai Police are yet to release a statement regarding the arrest, Goswami was quoted by news agency ANI said that he was “physically assaulted” by the police. The senior editor reportedly claimed that his wife and son were also “assaulted” by the Mumbai cops.


The suicide abetment case can be traced back to May 2018 when 53-year-old interior designer Anvay Naik and his mother Kumud Naik died by suicide in Alibaug. A suicide note apparently was written by Anvay was found which read that Goswami along with two others — Feroz Shaikh I-CastX/Skimedia, a media services firm, and Niteish Sarda of Smart Works, which provides “flexible workspaces” — had not paid Naik back Rs 5.40 crore which led to the draftsman’s financial doom.


Anvay Naik was the managing director of Concorde Designs Private Limited which had rendered some services during the construction of the Republic TV studio in Mumbai’s Lower Parel area. Naik’s mother was also a member of Concorde’s board of directors. Anvay’s wife Akshata had lodged complaints against Goswami, Shaikh and Sarda to the Alibaug police the same month.


However, seven months later, in 2019, the Raigad police closed the case.


According to the FIR lodged by Akshata, ARG Outlier Media, the Goswami-owned parent company of Republic TV, owed Rs 83 lakh to Concorde Designs. 


Republic TV, at that time, had quashed the allegations of non-payment and attributed this to “a malicious campaign” against their “editorial policy”. It had claimed that all amounts due and payable under the contract were paid by Republic TV to Concorde Designs.


In May 2020, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh announced a fresh CID investigation into the case after Adnya Naik, the daughter of Avnay Naik, approached him and complained that the Alibaug police had not investigated the “non-payment of dues from Arnab Goswami’s Republic”.

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