Mumbai New Year Horror: Teen Allegedly Killed by Her Friends at New Year's Party in Khar

By: Tina Agarwal
06 Jan 2021 2:28:55 PM Student Journalist, CMS, Jain Univeristy, Bengaluru

19 -year-old Janhvi Kukreja’s dead body was recovered from Bhagwati Heights, a residential building at Khar, Mumbai, in the wee hours of January 1, 2020. Her parents told the police that on the night of December 31, she had gone to attend a New Year’s party at another friend's place in Khar, with two of her friends  (Shree Jodhankar and Diya Padankar), both of them well-known to the family.


As stated by the police, there were nine other people present at the party besides Janhvi. 


According to Janhvi’s mother Niddhi Kurkeja, Shree, a friend known to the family for over 3 years, and Diya, Jahnvi’s childhood friend and next-door neighbour, convinced Jahnvi to attend another friend’s terrace party for a while. “Jahnvi was unwilling to go as it was also her Dad’s birthday on December 31st and she even got him a cake. Shree and Diya convinced all of us that they will be back in a short while.” 


However, upon not hearing back from Janhvi for longer than she anticipated, Niddhi tried calling Janhvi’s mobile phone but no one answered. The family did not raise an alarm as all the friends were known to the family, even the one on who’s terrace the party was being organised. “One of Janhvi’s friend’s parents called us around 5 am and asked us to reach the Khar West police station as Diya and Jahnvi were involved in an accident. My husband was then asked to rush to Baba hospital where Jahnvi had been taken. It is only after reaching Baba hospital that we knew that Jahnvi was no more.” 


Mrs. Kukreja has also pointed out that while Janhvi was taken to Baba hospital, Diya was taken to Hinduja hospital and Shree, who also had injuries on his head, went to Sion hospital despite all of them being together at the same place at the time of the alleged incident. 


According to initial police statements and preliminary reports, Janhvi’s body was discovered around 2:30 am by a resident who was walking his dog inside the building complex.


Another friend of Janhvi’s has also recorded her statement with the police claiming that she received a distress call from Janhvi around 1:30 am on January 1. During the 3-minute-long conversation, Janhvi was constantly crying and telling her friend that she was scared Diya might do something to herself.


Mrs. Kukreja has also denied speculations of a “love triangle” or any sort of a relationship between Diya and Shree, which are increasingly spreading on social media. Niddhi has also alleged that there was liquor being consumed at the party illegally. 


Meanwhile, Shree Jodhankar and Diya Padankar were arrested by the police on January 1 and have been slapped with charges of murder and assault. Janhvi’s family met the Mumbai Police Commissioner, Param Bir Singh, yesterday and demanded that the case be fast-tracked. 

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