19 Jun 2020

After a series of negotiations, 10 Indian soldiers were released by China, on Thursday evening. A Lieutenant Colonel and three Majors are among those released by the PLA. [...]

19 Jun 2020 Chitkara University, Punjab

In February this year, Athawale was spotted with the Chinese Counsel General, Tang Guacai, chanting "Go Corona Go" in Mumbai. [...]

18 Jun 2020 Class of 2020, ACJ, Chennai

June 17: With as many as 184 votes out of 192, India was elected, for the eighth time, as one of the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), along with Ireland, Mexico and Norway. [...]

18 Jun 2020

It is ironic how Indians carry the message of '#BlackLivesMatter' on social media, yet remain silent about the vast amount of discrimination prevelent within the country. [...]