07 May 2020 Christ University, Bengaluru

At around 2:15 pm on Thursday, Chaudhary tweeted that "Here's my Pulitzer Prize for reporting the truth. Sharing the citation-an FIR filed against me by the Kerala police under non bailable sections.The award for exposing inconvenient facts.A clear msg for media.If u don't toe the decades old pseudo-secular line you'll be behind bars".

07 May 2020 4:11:23 PM Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

What is styrene? It is a flammable liquid that is used in the manufacturing of plastics and polymers. While it is unclear at the moment whether the deaths are due to direct exposure to styrene gas or one of its byproducts, Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar Meena told Indian Express that the gas is "non-poisonous" and is only fatal when exposed for a longer duration.

06 May 2020

@anti_padunism was a page posting extremely intolerant and offensive content, mocking Hindu gods and goddesses. Every picture and caption on that page violated Instagram? guidelines by posting pornographic content along with offensive language. Within a span of a few hours, the page was flooded with followers, with numbers soon swelling up to 4,000+

05 May 2020 8:35:39 PM New Delhi

One of the school boys involved in the #boislockeroom has been arrested, a similar #girlslockerroom is allegedly exposed, and one of the whistleblowers is purportedly using derogatory language. Student Journalist Khyati Kataria follows up on the #boislockeroom story.