20 May 2020 CMS, Jain University, Bengaluru

Meghana Manjunath, a 26-year-old student of architecture at the University of Sheffield, who flew from London to Bengaluru aboard an Air India evacuation flight (Boeing-777) on May 10, 2020, narrated her experiences through a series of live tweets for the benefit of other compatriots waiting to return home.

07 May 2020 Bengaluru, Karnataka

There is also misogyny, queerphobia, racism, and many more which have been around for a lot longer. Student Journalist Siddhant Garud writes...

05 May 2020 IP University, New Delhi

Over 1,000 parents came together in solidarity against the unjust fee structure of their respective wards?schools in Gurugram. Student Journalist Garvit Bhirani reports.

02 May 2020 2:34:15 PM Indian Academy, Bengaluru

If we look at TV shows like Monk, where OCD is depicted as more of a boon than a bane which helps a detective solve complex mysteries, we wonder, What? so bad about OCD, anyway?