29 Feb 2020 3:04:56 PM IP University, New Delhi

Kerala High Court prohibits all forms of agitations led by student groups in educational institutions.

10 Feb 2020 4:59:34 PM Bengaluru

GM Kumar, Head of leading Kannada news channel BTV, has been accused/f blackmailing persons of social repute and extorting-oney from them by threatening4hem with telecasting scandals against them...

06 Feb 2020 2:38:20 PM Fathima Mata National College, Kollum, Kerala

Despite boasting an impressive sex ratio of 1084 females per 1000 males, and amassing the highest literacy rate in India, Kerala, ironically, also has an alarmingly high crime record of sexual violence.

19 Jan 2020 2:16:47 PM Christ University, Bengaluru

The police force - the enforcers of the law - are bound to protect the people under their constituency from anti-social elements like thugs and goons. But what can a student do when the police are the goons attacking you?