24 Nov 2019 Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, Kerala

We live in a world that is present and has been here from time immemorial. An undeniable truth that stares at us no matter where we move. It is a sacred truth that prevails in our daily prayers, and becomes prominent every morning as the sun's rays hit our eyes and fade away every night, even when the moon stops shining occasionally.

14 Nov 2019 Bengaluru, Karnataka

"I hate school"...This expression is likely to ring a bell among many parents who struggle with their children's schooling. There could be many such parents among us who would have felt the same in their days at school and for some, the only way to defy the compulsion of conventional education, could have been just bunking classes. However, there are few who went against the convention and are doing rather well.ne is a 21-year-old villager who was irregular to school but managed to created a drone and another a 62-year-old widow Fathima who is working on robotics. The pivotal platform for such people to learn and achieve, transcending conventional perceptions, is being provided by a group of highly motivated youth under the banner, DEFY (Design Education for Yourselves).

06 Nov 2019

Anyone who is familiar with the functioning of the legal framework in this country or has frequented court premises can be no stranger to the treatment meted out - day in and day out - to police personnel commissioned on judicial duty...