26 Jul 2020 Kolkata

In conversation with Arivu, Rapper & Writer at The Casteless Collective

27 Jun 2020 Indian Academy, Bengaluru

If our ancestors were tolerant of various gender identities and sexual orientations to the point of not considering them any more or less notable than cis-gendered heterosexuals, why does modern India resist acknowledging them? [...]

19 May 2020 Director (Operations), Singularity Beer Project

I was always under the impression that laws progressed as society progressed, and that's how they come into existence in the first place. Nah, we have a lot of modern-day oppressors around beer in this country. The Colonial Raj has ended and we are thriving as a nation, but our laws towards alcohol haven't seen much change...

16 May 2020

On May 15, 2020 (Friday), an organization called LawSikho, which claims to be "the world's largest & most reputed online legal education company", held a Zoom webinar on how busy professionals can have a dating life.