12 Aug 2020 Chitkara University, Punjab

Sudiksha Bhati was a meritorious student who had topped in her intermediate exams and was pursuing her higher education at the Babson College in the U.S. on a Rs. 3.80 crore scholarship. [...]

11 Aug 2020 1:19:25 PM Chitkara University, Punjab

Blaming "endemic corruption" for the blast that ripped through Beirut/n August 4, Prime Minister Hassan Dian and his cabinet resigned and stepped down amid widespread protests on Monday evening.

11 Aug 2020 Class of 2020, Kolkata

Nepal's hesitation has resulted in 582 villages across 19 districts in Uttar Pradesh being flooded. [...]

10 Aug 2020 Class of 2020, Kolkata

"A further affidavit dated July 29, 2020, has been filed by the State of Maharashtra which mentions in paragraph 3 that two charge sheets have been filed in July 2020. Let the State bring the charge sheets on record," the court said. [...]

08 Aug 2020 4:12:22 PM Student Journalist, Bengaluru

A document contradicting PM Modi's claims on Chinese transgression into ladakh was mysteriously taken down from the defence ministry's website. [...]

08 Aug 2020 12:25:46 PM Class of 2020, Kolkata

China has maintained a blanket of secrecy around the Galwan Valley clash and the casualties that it had suffered. Any publication opposing the government narrative is treated harshly. [...]

07 Aug 2020 Student Journalist, Mysore

"To protect our Nation, I took action to address the threat posed by one mobile application, TikTok. Further action is needed to address a similar threat posed by another mobile application, WeChat," Trump said in the order against WeChat, released minutes after the TikTok measure.

07 Aug 2020 Class of 2020, Kolkata

The Centre has stated that the decision to abolish the two boards was taken with the motto, "minimum government, maximum governance" in mind.

06 Aug 2020 8:33:09 PM Indian Academy, Bengaluru

Daisy Coleman, the sexual assault victim-turned-advocate, who faced major backlash from her town after speaking out about her experience, has died by suicide. Coleman was one of the main subjects of the 2016 Netflix documentary 'Audrie and Daisy'.

05 Aug 2020 4:50:49 PM Student Journalist, Mysore

President Trump bans Chinese app TikTok in the interest of data security.