18 Jun 2020

It is ironic how Indians carry the message of '#BlackLivesMatter' on social media, yet remain silent about the vast amount of discrimination prevelent within the country. [...]

17 Jun 2020

Kollam, Kerala: Following the relaxation of multiple lockdown restrictions across the state, autonomous colleges in Kerala have begun conducting the end semester exams (Photo: FMNC, Kollam, Kerala). [...]

17 Jun 2020 Chitkara University, Punjab

June 12 | Agra: A family of seven (including an 18-month-old baby) was held captive and tortured in a small room, for nearly 36 hours by a businessman and his associates, over suspicion of jewellery theft. [...]

16 Jun 2020 Chitkara University, Punjab

More than 24 million Yemenis - 80% of the country's population - are in dire need of immediate humanitarian assistance. Half of the country's health facilities are dysfunctional and nearly a quarter of the districts have no doctors. Yemen is dying, the world does not seem to care. [...]

13 Jun 2020 FMNC, Kollam, Kerala

A dedicated WhatsApp number (+91 72177 35372) was launched on April 10 for victims of domestic violence. Through this number, 727 complaints were received in the months of April and May. Women facing domestic violence or any kind of abuse can contact the mentioned number.

11 Jun 2020 Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

Closure surely makes moving forward easier but, maybe, not getting it gives us an excuse to go back to that person, that place and those memories one more time. One last time. Student Journalist Arushi Mohindra writes...

10 Jun 2020 St. Xaviers College, Mapusa, Goa

As the country was pushed into a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), in April, gave virtual clearances to two projects cutting through a wildlife sanctuary and a national park in Goa.

09 Jun 2020 IP University, New Delhi

In a video accessed by Newshound India Foundation, a customer can be seen displaying a box of sweets laden with worms, which he purchased from Kolkata's Pratik Food Products, allegedly on May 30.

08 Jun 2020 New Delhi

A circular issued by New Delhi's Saroj Super Speciality Hospital on June 4, features an exhaustive list of treatment 'packages' and 'advance' payments that patients will need to make, even before being admitted to their facility.

07 Jun 2020 Kashmir

"She is a thief who without a shame has stolen this whole story that I did for Greater Kashmir and posted it as her own with the byeline [sic]". Great Kashmir Correspondent, Abid Hussain Khan, accuses Republic TV's Kashmir bureau head of plagiarism.