02 Aug 2020 Indian Academy, Bengaluru

The uncertainty brought on by the pandemic has abruptly interrupted our fast-paced lives. However, it has also paved the way for much-needed discourse around the importance of mental health and its effects on lives even before the pandemic. Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely demise and rapper Kanye West's emotional outburst are the most recent events that have triggered widespread discourse around mental illness - particularly, bipolar disorder. Student Journalist Trishala Ballal from Indian Academy College, Bengaluru, writes about how bipolar disorder affects those who are forced to live with it.

28 Jun 2020 Indian Academy, Bengaluru

This Pride Month, we pay homage to these communities and the flags that they unite under by understanding what each of these flags represents. [...]

27 Jun 2020 Indian Academy, Bengaluru

If our ancestors were tolerant of various gender identities and sexual orientations to the point of not considering them any more or less notable than cis-gendered heterosexuals, why does modern India resist acknowledging them? [...]

28 May 2020 Indian Academy, Bengaluru

Menstruation has always been a spotty subject in India. Even with uplifting movies like Padman paving the way for some much-needed dialogue on the subject, suffice to say that the conversation isn't bleeding enough into the communities that need it most.