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100 Years of Jamia Millia Islamia: Bastion of Progressive Education

From temporary quarters in an ashram and operating out of tents, the 100-year-old educational institution today has five schools with 39 departments that educate over 21,000 students of various religious, caste, and class roots. [...]

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Our Vision

Establishing the most elaborate online human-interest news network driven By student journalists from colleges across the country. We aim to achieve this By means of on-ground coverage of local stories hand-picked By these students, which, in turn, will help these aspiring journalists build a solid portfolio coupled with multiple sources and field exposure - long before their first media ‘job’ - which, unfortunately, is lacking in India.

What We Offer

  • Paid, round-the-year ‘roving internship/apprenticeship' for BA/MA journalism & mass media students across India.
  • Building a solid portfolio for apprentices in a field of their choosing.
  • By-lines for every news piece written/recorded.
  • On-ground reporting opportunities.
  • Avenue to build sources and network with veteran journalists.
  • Getting noticed as a promising journalist even before graduating.
  • Connecting journalism faculty members throughout the country to facilitate the most optimum teaching standards.
  • Apprenticeships for student journalists in fields including ‘hard news’, culture, fashion, lifestyle, sports, among others.
  • By-line for colleges on every story covered by each of their students.
  • Bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure.
  • No hard and fast timings, so students will not be required to miss lectures due to the apprenticeship.
  • A tangible social change driven by any student will add to the goodwill of the educational institution among other students.
  • Op-eds by faculty members and heads of departments can facilitate further exposure.