Our Vision

Establishing the most elaborate online human-interest news network driven by student journalists from colleges across the country. We aim to achieve this by means of on-ground coverage of local stories hand-picked by these students, which, in turn, will help these aspiring journalists build a solid portfolio coupled with multiple sources and field exposure - long before their first media ‘job’ - which, unfortunately, is lacking in India.

Which side are we on? Left or right?

Neither. We are the void, the empty space between both these opposing ideologies that have come to be associated with sparring political parties. In today’s age, we believe that it is all the more critical for us to discharge our duty as citizens of this country, by identifying what is correct - regardless of which party’s decision it is coming from. No ideology is perennially right, and none is perennially wrong. The only consistent mistake being made by each side is their refusal to appreciate good work by the other and to introspect its own shortcomings or misdeeds. At Newshound India Foundation, we believe that it’s time to tell it like it is.

Who are we up against?

We are not in competition with any media outlet, nor are we involved in the breaking news rat-race. We are an educational non-profit organisation with the singular resolve to make journalism credible again.

Are we ‘citizen journalists’?

As much as we appreciate citizen journalism, all content featured on Newshound India Foundation comes from student journalists and experienced contributors. This means that we will, at all times, be transparent and be held to a higher standard of professionalism and accountability.

How do we operate?

We provide vital mentorship to students journalists from journalism faculties and industry professionals, enabling them to cover/produce/capture story ideas and concepts they are passionate about. All this, while paying them a professional fee for every segment/concept.

Our Model

Independent, advertisement revenue-free media powered by collaboration between educational institutions, students of journalism and mass communication and independent journalists.

What We Offer

  • Paid, round-the-year ‘roving internship/apprenticeship' for BA/MA journalism & mass media students across India.
  • Building a solid portfolio for apprentices in a field of their choosing.
  • By-lines for every news piece written/recorded.
  • On-ground reporting opportunities.
  • Avenue to build sources and network with veteran journalists.
  • Getting noticed as a promising journalist even before graduating.
  • Connecting journalism faculty members throughout the country to facilitate the most optimum teaching standards.
  • Apprenticeships for student journalists in fields including ‘hard news’, culture, fashion, lifestyle, sports, among others.
  • By-line for colleges on every story covered by each of their students.
  • Bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure.
  • No hard and fast timings, so students will not be required to miss lectures due to the apprenticeship.
  • A tangible social change driven by any student will add to the goodwill of the educational institution among other students.
  • Op-eds by faculty members and heads of departments can facilitate further exposure.

Partner With Us

Join India’s only non-profit Student Journalism platform and put your students ahead in the race. Write to us at info@newshoundindia.com for more information.