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Predators of Press Freedom

By: Antara Gupta

Amid the rising concerns of regimes employing draconian means to crush press freedom around the world, we here at Newshound India Foundation bring to you “Predators Of Press Freedom” - A comprehensive weekly analysis of countries and corporations, and their various attempts to muzzle press freedom. As India falls to the 142nd position in the World Free Press Index according to Reporters Without Borders’ latest survey, we’ll be bringing you the list of all these ‘Predators Of Press Freedom’ every weekend. Stay tuned.


NH Straight Up: Dr. Kafeel Khan

By: Alok1

"I think if it was Dr. Kapil Mishra or Dr. Kapil Kumar, the Yogi government would have done the same thing. They just wanted a scapegoat." Dr. Kafeel Khan speaks with Student Journalist Pourush Dixit.


NH Story Book: Arouba Kabir, Founder and Mental Health Therapist, Enso Wellness

By: Alok1

“After 21 years of struggling with my condition, I finally got my diagnosis – Cystic Fibrosis. There were many dark days with doctors giving me not more than 6-7 years more to live. Today, in my 30’s, I am the oldest healthiest Cystic Fibrosis patient in India. I learnt to understand my body and what it needed, which resulted in a career change from being a journalist to a mental health and wellness specialist. Today, I am the founder of an organisation called Enso Wellness which not only helps people with rare diseases but also healthy people. We do this together by finding the best versions of ourselves through yoga, therapies and counselling, These were all techniques I went through in my search for proper management strategies for my condition. I considered it my duty to share what I had learnt. This is my greatest Rare Achievement – taking the lessons from challenges and sharing it with people like me.”


Nirav: Your Mental Health Matters

By: Ankita Sharma

Student journalist Ankita Sharma speaks with Aditya Joshi from Team Nirav, Enactus, Kirori Mal College, New Delhi.


Nirav, an initiative by @enactuskmc and supported by Newshound India Foundation, symbolizes the helping hand that everyone needs to fight the most difficult battle of mental illness.


It stands for freedom, support, and well-being. Freedom from the cages that bind you, support that helps you grow, thus, leading to your emotional and mental well-being.


Your mental health matters!