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NH Story Book: Raashi Thakran, Mental Health Advocate

By: Ankita Sharma

Let's talk about journeys: the hurdles and failures, the milestones and stopovers, the early mornings and late nights; let's talk success - Student Journalist Ankita Sharma, from Chitkara University, Punjab, in conversation with mental health advocate, Raashi Thakran. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.


NH Generation Gap: Is the central government doing enough to fight coronavirus?

By: NH Desk

NH Generation Gap: We’ve all been there - An innocuous dinner table conversation with elders turns into a heated personal slugfest, with us questioning their sensibility and having to justify our own. Do all elders think the same way? Are contrasting opinions always a consequence of age, or is there anything else at play? Click on the video thumbnail to know more.


NH Inside Talk: Diya Naidu, Coronavirus Survivor

By: Akshay VR

(Bengaluru, Karnataka): A young independent artist, contemporary dancer & choreographer, Diya Naidu , successfully fought COVID-19 for over 20 days. In this candid chat with Student Journalist Akshay VR, Diya shares her journey - isolation wards, PPE, attitude of authorities & healthcare professionals, and the social & mental stigma attached to contracting the virus. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.


Off The Fence (Episode 5): Iruliga Tribals Displaced

By: Antara Gupta

Forest Department razes Iruliga sheds amid altercation. Segment by Student Journalist Antara Gupta from CMS, Jain University, Bengaluru. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.