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NH Mic Up: Prema Sridevi, Independent Journalist

By: Aditi Saxena

(Bengaluru, Karnataka): The current media scenario in India, investigative journalism, mainstream revenue model, and opportunities for aspiring journalists - Prema Sridevi, Senior Journalist and Founder of Fourth Estate Newscorp Media Pvt Ltd, in conversation with Student Journalists Aditi Saxena from Indian Academy, Bengaluru and Akshay VR from Jain University, Bengaluru. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.


NH Mic Up: Arun Kumar Bajaj | The "Needle Man" of India

By: Isha Sharma

"Artists are not made, one can only be reborn as an artist" From his early days of struggle to the now overdue meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, Patiala's Arun Kumar Bajaj, the "Needle Man" of India, speaks his heart out to student journalist Isha Sharma from Chitkara Univeristy, Rajpura, Punjab. Segment edited by Student Journalist Akshay VR from CMS, Jain University, Bengaluru.


NH Hotline Podcasts: Himanshu Shekhar, Editor (Government Affairs), NDTV

By: Shubham Thakur

The changing face of Indian mainstream media (NH Hotline Podcasts): Himanshu Shekhar, Editor (Government Affairs), NDTV, in conversation with Student Journalist Shubham Thakur. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.