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NH Inside Talk: Diya Naidu, Coronavirus Survivor

By: Akshay VR

(Bengaluru, Karnataka): A young independent artist, contemporary dancer & choreographer, Diya Naidu , successfully fought COVID-19 for over 20 days. In this candid chat with Student Journalist Akshay VR, Diya shares her journey - isolation wards, PPE, attitude of authorities & healthcare professionals, and the social & mental stigma attached to contracting the virus. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.


NH Stories 101: The 'Wronged' Bong

By: Akshay VR

(Bengaluru, Karnataka): What does it take for an individual to prove his nationality? Generally, relevant documents suffice. But does one need to prove his or her patriotism and nationalism in the formats prescribed by the ruling dispensations? Well, it appears so in the prevailing circumstances. These are the 'wronged' bongs of Namma Bengaluru. They not only take the 'scrap' - in its literal sense - but also the harassment, incidence of arrests and threats to their dwellings (of sorts), to even try to prove their nationality. Their only fault? They speak Bengali and belong to a specific state. Click on the video thumbnail to know more.